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    Marshals for Tollie Ho! Cyclocross race at Brahan estate tomorrow, meet 9am at car park by caravan site. Plenty course taping still to do! Alasdair Lawton will be your master of ceremonies. ... See MoreSee Less

    12 minutes ago

    DO YOU RIDE BIKES? Don't be like this guy.

    Sunday 5th March. A week tomorrow.

    Contin has been taking a hammering through the winter.
    It's time to get them ready for summer.
    Contin car park for 9 am.... Or give me or Neil a shout and we'll direct you.

    Kids, dogs and wives all welcome.
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    4 hours ago

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    Mac MacI'd like to point out that the dig day is very friendly, lots of fun, great chance to meet folk, and we can provide tools and instruction. Etc etc.28 minutes ago

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    Steve, has the ladies race been moved to 1pm on Sunday? ... See MoreSee Less

    1 day ago

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    Anna FraserIt's 1pm on the email I got. What time was it meant to be?1 day ago
    Fiona PatonIt was to have been 11 am with men at 12.30pm1 day ago   ·  1
    Anna FraserAhh well, cant say I'm disappointed with a later start, provided I don't get called out or bail due to weather haha.1 day ago   ·  1
    Fiona PatonI was just worried I had got the wrong email. Imagine turning up in time to see you lot on the podium!1 day ago
    Anna FraserHaha I'll not be getting anywhere near that podium this time looking at the names on the entries 😂1 day ago
    Linda LawtonFiona Paton- just confirmed with Al that adults are all at 1pm and junior categories at 11am1 day ago   ·  2
    Steven LiddleYes Fiona, same timings as Dunrobin as it worked very well, it also allows for hangovers to ease!1 day ago   ·  1
    Gordon BathgateAre the kids still at 11?22 hours ago

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    No Thursday night ride 7pm Contin. No riders tonight. Wont see you there folks. ... See MoreSee Less

    3 days ago

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    Nessa FindlaySorry can't make it this week. Have fun x3 days ago   ·  2
    Anne MurraySorry can't make it either.. pedalling closer to home tonight. Xx2 days ago   ·  1
    Linda LawtonI can't join either- Puffer marshall meal- see you Sat am x2 days ago

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    Additional coaching dates are now available for anyone looking for women specific coaching. These new additional dates are administered directly by coach Jim Barron. The sessions have just been posted on Dirt Vixens Mtb Skills Training Facebook page.

    These dates for women''s specific coaching include Venues 22 April Contin, 27 May Learnie, 15July venue to be confirmed. To book : look out for the sessions listed in on Dirt Vixens Mtb Skills Training Facebook event fb page.
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    6 days ago

    Ok Call for volunteers to Marshall next Sunday for the club cross race. I'm in Lewis until Wednesday, but will look to have a course set up session on Saturday morning meeting at 10am at the Brahan office. We need six marshals in total. Cheers Steve ... See MoreSee Less

    6 days ago

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    Anna FraserIn 2 minds whether to race or not. If not I can marshal but I'm on call so not guaranteed I wouldn't be called away. At a skills session at Contin on the Saturday morning so unfortunately won't be able to help set up but could always give you a shout and see how you are getting on once the session is done?6 days ago
    Jonathan WhitesideI'll do my usual :-)6 days ago
    John ScholesI can help.6 days ago
    Ann SantWhat times is it Steve?6 days ago
    Linda LawtonAl and I good to help out- I can do registration5 days ago
    Heather Crockett2 Crocketts happy to marshal. 10am at Brahan office5 days ago
    Heather CrockettOh 10 is the Saturday time. Just let us know where and when.5 days ago
    John ScholesWas out tonight, lots of wind blow on tracks ( removed some) very muddy and very wet. May need some work after tomorrow's forecast wind before Saturday.4 days ago
    Gordon BathgateI'll help Saturday. Working Sunday but Vanessa can help after kids race finished (supporting little Miss S!)1 day ago
    Heather CrockettAny confirmation of time /place for marshal briefing?7 hours ago
    John ScholesWas out today with the young one on the brahan. Tracks r very wet and muddy5 hours ago
    John ScholesSee muddy5 hours ago
    Anna FraserUrg I don't want to race in that 🙈🙈🙈5 hours ago   ·  1
    Stephen PaytonErmmm we live in Scotland and it's winter,,,,It dose tend to get a bit wet & muddy and as the Ex BWCC mtb coach would say MTFU !!!!4 hours ago
    Jonathan WhitesideA "dose" of what ?4 hours ago
    Gordon BathgateAlasdair, Steven and myself were out this morning (yes, just 3 of us😳) We've done some course prep and marking but there is still A LOT to do! Could we please, please, please have some volunteers tomorrow? 9am at the small car park before the campsite. From the Maryburgh roundabout, take the LH gatehouse entrance to Brahan (the entrance before the one with the big sign) head straight down the hill to the crossroads. Car park to your left. Course off to the right. Thanks.4 hours ago   ·  1
    Gordon BathgateWalked the first loop and it's a bit muddy / wet but with a firm base to most of it. I've seen a lot worse! Great new bridge from Steven Liddle👍4 hours ago
    Stephen PaytonSorry Jonathan,grammer never was my strong point, but there you are i am only an east London uneducated oink,,,,,LOL3 hours ago
    Jonathan WhitesideForty Fousand fevvers on a thrush ?3 hours ago
    Stephen PaytonLuvley Jubbley as my cus Delboy would say lol3 hours ago   ·  1
    Steven LiddleComplete with fancy tape13 minutes ago   ·  4

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    There has been an enthusiastic response to the skills coaching events published here. There are some places left, and I am keeping a waiting list. Please message me if you would like to secure a place or be added to a waiting list. Dates as indicated below:

    2nd April afternoon intermediate places are available 1 LEFT

    7 May Contin Afternoon places are available 2 LEFT

    25th June Evanton / Fyrish
    Morning improvers/beginners places are available 2 LEFT

    16th July Grantown
    Morning improvers/beginners places are available 3 LEFT
    Afternoon places are available 1 LEFT

    The following are fully booked:
    5th Mar Contin sessions are fully booked
    2nd April Learnie Red Rocks morning is fully booked,
    7th May Contin morning is fully booked.
    25th June Evanton / FyrishAfternoon is fully booked
    20th August Golspie fully booked
    17th Sept Laggan fully booked

    If you would like to secure a place comment below, message me or find the event in this newsfeed and select 'going'. I will then message you with payment details so you can confirm your booking.
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    1 week ago

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    Davy RobinsonHi Eleanor, are the places that are available open to guys as well. ?7 days ago   ·  1
    Audrey BuchananI've completely missed these. If the 7th May is for beginners then I would like to go 😀5 days ago   ·  1
    Colin MastersonHi can I book Rowan on the intermediate on the 2nd of April please?4 days ago   ·  1

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    Alison C MacLennan shared BIKE Channel's to the group: Ben Wyvis Cycle Club. ... See MoreSee Less

    It couldn't have been colder in Episode 1 of #TheClub, perfect weather for the Garuda Sports Pulse long sleeved jersey. Episode 1 - Kingston Wheelers. Wednesday 22nd of February at 9pm. po.st/TheClub

    1 week ago

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    Club Kit

    Is there any interest in another kit order?

    It takes 8 weeks so if I get in by end of Feb the kit will be here at the start of May

    Please let me know ASAP

    Perhaps some of our new female members???

    If you look at the files section of the FB page you will find the 2017 bioracer catalogue (add 20% vat unless ordering kids kit)

    There is also a size chart to help you (separate file)

    There needs to be a reasonable interest to avoid the Bioracer small order surcharge

    Post below or PM me if interested

    I need your choice as below
    1. Black or white kit
    2. Item code as per catalogue
    3. Item description as double check
    4. Size ( please us size chart file)
    5. Price -again for double check against errors

    No white skinsuits please - they remain a crime against humanity/human decency ! Offenders will be referred to The Hague

    I will need payment in advance but do not pay until I have confirmed the minimum order - I will send you payment details when required


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    1 week ago

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    Anna FraserYes, I'm interested, unfortunately top I got is a little on the short side since I'm so tall 😣1 week ago   ·  1
    Stephen PaytonHi JW is there an up to date catalogue....ie 2017,,,1 week ago
    Mike AtkinsonAny sizing pointers for a big (42in chest) bloke - who is hopefully getting smaller! I am thinking size 6 (XL) (just because I have always been XL!! - but chest is 107cm putting me in 5 (L). Does anyone find they come up smaller or larger....1 week ago
    Jonathan WhitesideI've not had a lot of interest folks - unless a few more folk come forward I won't be putting an order in2 days ago

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    Anyone looking for a kids road bike - one is sold already but we still have the Felt 95Jr 2014 650C road bike - would suit a 9-12yr old - PM me for details ... See MoreSee Less

    1 week ago

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    Mike AtkinsonCould be ......1 week ago   ·  1

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