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    Mike Atkinson

    Probably not me (see note about "not looking Out of Place on the Tour de France!). ANy nominations from the club........few days filming in Yorkshire for appropriate and successful applicants (I was thinking maybe Ron or Andy....?) ... See MoreSee Less

    7 hours ago

    Dee Graham

    Social ride with the remaining Whiteside Weenies, Kate and me for those who fancy it - same place as the racers but avoiding the tricky, rooty part - Abriachan 6pm ... See MoreSee Less

    1 day ago

    Danni HamiltonContemplating this1 day ago

    Kate ParkWill see you there. Linda is going to show me round the sxc course. Naturally if it's too tricky and rooty I expect to be eating a lot of heather!1 day ago

    Dee GrahamDon't be under any illusions folks - these Whiteside boys will probably whip our behinds!1 day ago

    Danni HamiltonI'll be coming from Inverness side is it the car park just after loch laide?12 hours ago

    Dee GrahamIts the car park by the play park, eco-loos, forestry buildings11 hours ago

    Danni HamiltonCool ta11 hours ago

    Linda LawtonNext one on for the boys Dee11 hours ago

    Kate ParkHeather eaten. Bruises acquired. Decision made! Thank you Linda for showing me round but I think I'll stick to smooth manmade tracks and jumps!8 hours ago

    Danni HamiltonThanks Dee, the Kate's, Linda n the 2 Ratbags!! Really enjoyed it :-)8 hours ago

    Fghost Voytek

    customizing details ... See MoreSee Less

    12 hours ago

    Fghost Voytek

    customizing bicycle ... See MoreSee Less

    12 hours ago

    Andy Russell

    Training Wednesday Abriacan 6 pm same car park as before ... See MoreSee Less

    1 day ago

    Greig DawsonAny room for an old(er) chap to come along? Promise I wont get in the way, just want to check out the route.1 day ago

    Andy RussellNo worries Greg ,Johnny s coming as well1 day ago

    Jonathan WhitesideI'm not sure Greig meant quite as old as me, Andy - but compared to the youff's he is ancient indeed !1 day ago

    Linda Lawton

    BWCC are hosting the SXC at Abriachan on May 18th - as well as encouraging many of you to ride the course- we need marshalls. Please let me know if you can help on Sat with prep or Sunday at the event or if you can do both, that'll work too. Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

    3 days ago

    Gordon Bathgate

    It's less than 4 weeks till the SXC MTB race hosted by BWCC at Abriachan on 18th May!! To make this event a success, we need help from club members! First, we need people to enter so tell, share, tweet, text as many people who you think might be interested. The race is also the NoSCA MTB championships so anyone riding for a NoSCA affiliated club is eligible. If you've never raced on a mountain bike before but thought you might like to give it a try, have a go. It'll be a cracking course ;-) Next we need help with the course. Some work has already taken place but much is still to do. Sam Hesling of the AFT is organising a trail / course building day this Saturday at 10am (details to follow). Course marking / signposting needs a squad of folk on the Friday & Saturday beforehand. Then we need help running the event (see Linda's post). Marshals, helpers, folk to put up direction signs, cones and help park cars, etc. If it's anything like last year, it'll be great weekend and a massive boost for the club! Cheers :-) ... See MoreSee Less

    2 days ago

    Gordon BathgateSam Hesling is leading a trail / course work day at Abriachan on Saturday 3rd May. All willing and able club members welcome! Meet 10am at the AFT Classroom (1st car park).1 day ago

    Fiona Paton

    Anyone going to Redruth? ... See MoreSee Less

    3 days ago

    Steven LiddleWould love to Fiona Paton, when is it - my Grandad lived 15 mins away!3 days ago

    Steven LiddleLives that is!3 days ago

    Fiona PatonIt is 4 May so you have to enter by 28 April. Hope some of our talented youngsters will be there - it's more technical than the Braintree course so they could do well. I won't be riding as I'm injured.3 days ago

    Alison ConollyIt's a long way..... We had decided not but are thinking about it again because people keep telling Ella it's the best BXC course! Is anybody else?2 days ago

    Fiona PatonElla's on a roll - she should definitely try to get there! Iain is going (flying to Bristol - probably with Dave now) and Finlay Strivens is entered and trying to sort out travel.2 days ago

    Alasdair Lawton

    Lesson Learnt today - at 16.00 on a Bank Holiday the Ullapool to Dingwall road is too busy for a time trial - junior participation was banned however Steven, Alex and Giles decided to have a blast - results below: Steve - 23.57.73 Giles - 27.09.65 Alex - 29.56.62 Next time - back to 18.30 and not a Bank Holiday - apologies to those who had a wasted trip and thanks to Donald for the professional advice which made the decision to call the event off very easy ... See MoreSee Less

    2 days ago

    Alex MathesonThanks Alasdair and team2 days ago

    Giles MakinsThanks Alasdair - I'll take any podium I can get!2 days ago

    Steven LiddleCheers Al, and timing posse, good effort all round.2 days ago

    Donald StephensonWhat was the official distance from point to point?2 days ago

    Kate ParkAll roads have been chocca this weekend.2 days ago

    Suzanne GrigorI agree Alison, I have seen a couple of near misses with the younger ones when the road is busy. The Cromarty road is a good wide road and pretty quiet, just a suggestion2 days ago

    Steven LiddleDistance 9.4m Donald Stephenson - hard work, but a good training course. Steve Conolly it's hard finding the right balance, the roads have to be double lanes with good viability, which in this area makes them main routes and subsequently busy. Potential out towards culbokie - Cromarty, ideal road but not central to club members.2 days ago

    Mike AtkinsonHaving ridden quite a few TTs down South in the past - I must admit I find this course pretty quiet (on a normal day/time) and with only one obvious conflict point being the roundabout - this appears a pretty good choice to me. I have had to brake and accept the loss of speed and a few seconds at the rbout and would think that should be the approach we all take. I have no issue looking elsewhere however but from a traffic perspective - this must be one of our best options. I did one do a 25 on the A66 in Cumbria on a BH weekend - we all caught tractors heading for a tractor rally - doing 15 mph on the course and had to overtake........(I don't get to overtake much traffic these days...).2 days ago

    Milford CubicleSave stress on busy roads along with money spent on veet, Death Star helmets and dodgy skinsuits and just avoid TT all together.2 days ago

    Mike Atkinson..........or do it on your MTB with hairy legs and baggies - with a peak and a camelback (and a full set of tools and fist aid kit) ;-)2 days ago

    Mike Atkinson"First" obviously....2 days ago

    Andy RussellAchnasheen is another choice ,but as mike says the road is as near ideal as you are ever likely to get2 days ago

    Jonathan WhitesideI'm with Milford on this - I don't come to these as TT= uninspiring ride up an A- road. However, as another option The Black Isle Grand Prix is a kind of a time trial on smaller roads - we could try something similar :-) or then again come on one of my "social" rides - they are legend ;/)2 days ago

    Mike AtkinsonI thought Jonny didn't come because he told us he had netball.........;-)2 days ago

    Andy Russellwhipped is the word your search foe Mike Atkinson2 days ago

    Jonathan WhitesideAh-ha no netball tonight - but I did bike part way home with a BWCC roadie legend - I think I detected a faint whiff of immac or Veet ????????2 days ago

    Andy RussellAll lies and false propeganda2 days ago