Social Biking

About social group biking

Cycling as a group is a great way to meet likeminded people and develop friendships. The common bond between riders makes the experience of riding the trails or cruising the country roads that bit more rewarding. Its also significantly safer with help at hand for running repairs to bike or body not to mention that ability of a group to push you further or get you home when your energy levels are in your boots.

Social Biking with BWCC

One of our clubs initial aims was to bring local riders together for sociable bike rides. With an expanding club, different levels of rides are pitched at the wide variety of members from age 5 to 75, novice to expert. From highly popular family picnic rides to all day Glen Torridon off-road epics, night rides round the local trails to road spins round the Black Isle. Club social rides allow members to meet up with folk who share a passion for riding bikes. Keep an eye on our facebook page for posts of rides happening all year round.