Track Riding

About Track Racing

Track Racing has grown in popularity following the success of the GB Team in the Olympics and World Championships. Track racing takes place on short specially built tracks consisting of two tight, banked corners joined by two short straights. Tracks range hugely in length – outdoor tracks usually being longer and with shallower bankings – but Olympic and World Championship Track racing is generally held on indoor 250m wooden tracks. Many outdoor tracks are concrete or tarmac surfaced.

Track Cycling with BWCC

One of a group of ¬†clubs in the north of Scotland to first take advantage of the fantastic new Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, BWCC members make¬†regular trips to Glasgow’s east end and many have gained their track cycling accreditation. We are well represented at youth coaching sessions by our youngsters and with the highly addictive nature of the track, further sorties to the Velodrome are guaranteed! A proposition to build a velodrome at the new Beechwood campus is gaining popularity, so the trip to the track may yet get significantly shorter!